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Powerhouse Handheld Cordless Vacuum!

- 04/05/2021

I did due diligence on researching for the best Handheld cordless vacuum in the $50-100 price range! The Readivac was highly recommended from a very high-end retailer out of Baco Raton,FL (Vacuum + MD)! I was prepared to order a name brand cordless handheld vacuum from Simplicity but I asked the owner "Kim" how the ReadiVac Storm stacked up against the Simplicity and she said honestly "Mac" the ReadiVac has a lot more suction power and it will handle wet liquid spills as well! I saw several other Vacuum stores that sold several high-end brand vacuums just like "Vacuum+MD" that was carrying the ReadiVac Storm and Eaze both as well and I found many great positive reviews on the handheld Cordless ReadiVac vacuums! My only "DING" on the ReadiVac Storm is the upholstery brush attachment! The bristles are to long and keep the attachment from being flush on the furniture or whatever your vacuuming and it doesn't allow you to get the full capacity of the awesome suction power of this little "Powerhouse" cordless handheld vacuum! I believe the remedy or fix to this issue is to cut the length of the bristles on the attachment to about half the length that they are! I'm going to do this and I'm betting money that it will give you much more of the available suction power of the ReadiVac Storm when using this attachment! This is a well thought out and engineered cordless handheld vacuum and packs a lot of "Power" and "Bang for the buck" in the flooded market of handheld cordless vacuums! Highly recommended!

very well made

- 12/22/2020

was easy to use and recharge.i would recommend this product to everyone

Great Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum

- 09/17/2020

I purchased the ReadiVac Storm in preparation for a visit from my 9 month old Great-Nephew who likes to feed himself (and often misses his mouth). The ReadiVac Storm cleaned up the high chair, floor, and even the car and held the charge well. I was very pleased with the vacuum and so were his parents. I sent the vacuum home with my niece and her husband, then I needed another one in preparation for his next visit.

Love it!

- 06/30/2020

Great product, easy to use. Impressive power for a handheld item. Perfect for quick cleanup. I also like that it has a stainless steel filter. Highly recommend.

Works Great

- 12/16/2019

Picked up a ReadyVac and now I wish I had bought more. This is a great handy little machine. Battery charge lasts a long time.

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